Love & Care

Our leather products are made of high quality full grain leather, called 'cow hunter' which has a rough and rustic look. In line with our focus on sustainability, all our products are made to last and are vegetable oil tanned.

Full grain leather products burnish and get a unique character over time. Following these simple Love & Care tips will ensure that your product lasts a long time, while still becoming uniquely your own.

  • Apply a coat of a quality leather impregnation protection spray twice a year. We suggest one coat before and one after winter.
  • Do not use wax, oil, detergent, or any soap on your leather products. This is to avoid stripping the leather off its natural oils, which acts as a natural protection.
  • When using a new protection/conditioning product, test it first on a small area before applying to the whole product.
  • Clean any dirt off the bag with a dry cotton cloth as soon as you have a chance to.
  • Store your leather in a cool, dry place, when possible.
  • Take care when storing leather products over longer periods of time as leather adapts to its environment. When storing leather bags, do not store them empty to preserve the shape of your bag.

And remember, when in doubt, contact our team at as we are always glad to help!