Norwegian Design


Everything we create is envisioned here in Oslo, Norway. This is where we shape our style and get inspired.  Our office is at Mesh in the heart of the city, where we are in tune with whatever is going on around us, whether it be fashion, music or the general vibe.

We create street fashion, and our esthetic mantra is urban modernity. Combine that with raw neutral colors, and a hint of minimalism and you have yourself the Streets of Oslo look.

Aditionally we strive to use sustainable materials and production methods whenever possible. We value quality, over quantity and believe that slow fashion is the way to go.

Coming soon

Culture made fashion

Our first addition to the Streets of Oslo community is Ryggsekk Original, but it is far from the last.

In the very near future we will expand our accessories collection with messengers, handbags, totes and more. We will also introduce some exciting new wearable's in fall. As a fashion and lifestyle brand we want to create beautiful clothing as well as accessories, that is why we are working very hard to create our first clothing collection, Streets of Oslo FW18.

All the while keeping it fresh and in touch with Oslo lifestyle.

But if you can’t wait for the future, check out the present below.