How I use my Ryggsekk Original

Even before we started selling the Ryggsekk Original, I was using one of our early samples daily. I couldn't wait!

The more I wear it, the more it becomes my own. Now it feels like the leather became slightly darker, which I personally like very much. 

I use it daily, because it fits so well to what I need to carry daily - laptop, charger, mouse, lunch package, gloves, beanie, and my coffee mug - to the university and to work. And seeing people on the streets looking after the bag is a nice little plus, too :-) 

Even though I never take extra care when putting it down on the ground in rainy or snowy weather, I am just as happy with the look and feel as at the beginning. Scratches actually don't seem like scratches. It's difficult to explain, but it's like the leather stays "alive".