We want Streets of Oslo to be a sustainable brand. Therefore it is important to define the right values. Every member of our community should have the possibility to know how and where our products are manufactured. That’s why we want to be as transparent as we can.

Our first partner is a young company of leather craftsmen in Kolkata, West Bengal, India.  After receiving the first samples, Shahabaz visited them to meet with the craftsmen and inspect the factory surroundings first hand. Once we were happy with both, we placed our first order, and wish to build a constructive long term partnership with them. Similar to us, their business is run by three friends, and we feel there is a good fit because they share our values of quality and social responsibility. For example, they support a nearby village of traditional craftsmen and artists, providing them with work and supporting their art.



Our leather products are made with vegetable tanned leather. This tanning process is less common in leather production because it takes a long time for the organic tannins to preserve the leather. But it is also one of the most environmentally friendly ways of doing it. The leather we use is sourced from local farms around Kolkata. After the bags are stitched together, they get quality checked and sent directly to Norway. Here we check their quality again before sending them to you with pride and good conscience.

In general, our goal is to avoid unnecessary harm to the environment, and to support good working conditions. We want to only use the most sustainable materials and processes to make and ship our products, so that we leave the smallest carbon footprint we can. Furthermore, we chose to pay  a voluntary carbon fund that reminds us of this responsibility every day.  5% of each sale's earnings get invested into the Environmental Defense Fund, supporting environmental projects around the globe.